Monday, May 22, 2006

Bus pass for Mr Campbell

The Minger celebrates his 65th birthday today. Doubtless he is fervently hoping for the new legislation on age discrimination to come into force to save him from forcible ejection from office.

Over the weekend, Ming deployed his forces of Liberalism to control the dissidents. That young upstart Sir David Steel reckoned that Ming would be better off without his young sidekicks calling the shots and Campbell revealed that he had had a 'free and frank' discussion with Simon Hughes. That usually translates into 'a stand-up row, possibly involving violence.' Curiously, the public bitchslapping of Hughes came after Ming himself admitted that he could do better in PMQs. Doing worse is hardly possible.

Ming is still looking decidedly weak. His performance at PMQs last week was slightly better, but the questions lobbed were hardly likely to pierce the PM's defences - asking whether British troops would have left Iraq or whether Guantanamo Bay will have been closed down when Blair leaves office resulted in the PM playing a straightforward defensive shot against both. Why he asked Tony when a foreign government might close a prison facility in another foreign land defeats me. Guantanamo is an affront to civilised values, certainly, but to believe that the PM of this country (whoever he or she might be) has any chance of changing the policy current US goverment is to endow him with superpowers worthy of one of the X-Men.

Meanwhile, another one of those worthy Liberal Democrat policies saw the light of day last week, as Chris Huhne announced that drivers of 4x4 vehicles (Hello, Cllr Hemming) would face a swingeing rise in vehicle excise duty to £2000. Why it only applies to new vehicles - many of which are actually less polluting than some of the older ones trundling about our roads - is rather odd. No comments have yet been forthcoming from either Lorely Burt or John Hemming as to how this policy is likely to affect jobs in their constituencies, so I'm sure that both can rely on the support of the Land Rover workers living there.

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TonyF said...

Now come on, Hemming needs that 4x4 to put his bicycle in ready for Environmental photo opportunities