Saturday, May 27, 2006

Campbell in the soup (again)

Iain Dale points towards an interesting story in the Spectator this week, where Kevin Maguire reveals that he overheard Nick Clegg, who considers himself to be the future of the Liberal Democrat leadership, briefing against his current boss in a phone conversation with another journalist
'Ming the Mediocre, according to Clegg, is hesitant and disorganised, commits avoidable errors and lacks momentum but - this was the loyal bit - is capable of recovering.'
There are some who regard Cleggy as a pin-up boy and I count myself amongst that group. I need something on the dartboard to replace my shredded picture of John Hemming.

To be honest, this is nothing other than speaking the truth about the Minger, whose time at the top is surely limited. His performance in PMQs this week was barely adequate and he's now decided to unilaterally reverse party policy in an attempt to appear tough on crime, something that is bound to bring him into conflict with the party, which seems to think that it has a constitutional right to decide party policy.

I'm not quite sure what point the violence register serves. We have a sex offenders register to ensure that the police can keep track of people who are a serious risk to society and have a high risk of reoffending. I'm not quite sure that the violent criminals register will actually make a difference - Inspector Knacker's intelligence people try to keep an eye on the most serious offenders anyway and I'm not sure that booking anyone who has ever been involved in a minor scuffle outside a pub will make our streets any safer.

Given their record of backing daft policies, does this represent a real change or just a cynical political stunt by an increasingly desperate leader?

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