Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ming the Clueless

Can his performances at PMQs get any worse?

Today's was appalling - a long, rambling question that had everybody in the chamber switching off. Even the PM seemed to be willing Campbell to get to the point. A couple of weeks ago, he threw a punch towards Charles Clarke, alleging that a foreign prisoner had been allowed out of a named jail that very morning - except that the story was untrue and Campbell had to apologise later that day. His profile in the local election campaign was almost subterranean. Now, he just seems to be embarrassing - he's half the leader sober that Kennedy was drunk.

Anyone care to put a bet on Ming still being in office by the next general election? Or by the party conference?
Knives that are barely clean of the Kennedy blood are being sharpened again. This time, it could be a mercy killing.

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