Friday, May 05, 2006

Return of the Hack

Did anything happen while I was away?


Clifford said...

You ran a poor campaign and didn't make any inroads into the Toty vote. Yes, there were national factors but the Tories were vulnerable in Birmingham, for well documented reasons, and you did not take advantage.

Simon said...

I thought Labour had a pretty good result in Birmingham. Their only loss I was surprised by was Longbridge. Erdington was the Tories' #1 target and Respect had built up a big machine in Sparkbrook, so not much shame in losing those, and the loss of Moseley was much more marginal than I was expecting.

On the other hand, they held on to some of their most vulnerable seats, like Springfield and Hodge Hill, with fairly comfortable majorities. I'd say they have good reason to feel happy (if not quite delighted) with their results.

Had it not been for the utter fiasco in Kingstanding, we would also be celebrating the failure of the BNP to even come close to winning a single seat.

Scribbles said...

WBA have been relegated.

And Birmingham City.

Louis said...

That is actually a pretty good summary Simon. I suspect the Lib Dems would have romped Moseley if the Greens and Respect had not been standing.