Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Why do they bother?

One of the oft quoted slogans about Mussolini was that 'at least he made the trains run on time' - which suggests a certain efficiency and order about fascism.

Our friends over at the new cuddly BNP are working overtime to disprove that theory.

Aside from the strange goings-on in Kingstanding, where one of their number is occupying a seat despite coming third in an election (and apparently has to travel around her temporary constituency with a minder, unlike any other councillor in the city), their new councillor in Solihull managed to get his diary dates wrong and missed the opening of the new council year and the mayor-making ceremony. Meanwhile, down in Barking and Dagenham (rarely was a borough so appropriately named), the newly minted BNP opposition forgot how to vote, so when their leader moved to amend the constitution to condemn discrimination against the 'indigenous majority' (that's white folks to you and me), only one of the eleven councillors raised their hand. Barking could prove a fruitful source of stories, given that the leader made an interesting *ahem* art film a few years ago, which seems to feature a large number of young men in states of undress. Does this herald a change in BNP policy towards homosexuality?

Two of their candidates also lost a libel action against Searchlight magazine and face costs of at least £25,000, but at least they can drown their sorrows with a bottle of BNP wine (and we've seen them whining a lot, lately). For a whopping £8 a bottle, this Cornish-produced wine turns out to be made with grapes from Canada and Chile.

Over in Ilford, a BNP candidate is revealed to have been banned from a football ground following a violent incident. Heading north to Bradford, a BNP council candidate may feel the long arm of the law after two of the assentors to his nomination for election complained that they hadn't nominated him at all. Meanwhile, over in Halifax, a former councillor is arrested on suspicion of theft of anti-BNP leaflets. Across the border in Wales, five BNP leafleters were arrested for public order offences..

But they aren't all criminals, some of them just have enough screws loose to dislodge shelves in every library. Robert West has left the Tory group on South Holland District Council in Lincolnshire to join the BNP, citing his disgust at the new Cameroonie A List, which excludes white men to the benefit of women, non-whites, lesbians and homosexuals. The former lecturer in equal opportunities law (clearly not a very good one) has now joined the BNP. Doubtless, he'll bring with him the members of the church he's started in his front room, where he preaches traditional biblical values.

If they weren't so serious, they'd be a joke.

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