Thursday, June 01, 2006

BNP racist outed

No surprise there.

Following on from Bob Piper's discovery of a blog belonging to another Sandwell councillor, which revealed him to be something of a conspiracy wingnut and a loon to boot.

Top marks to Unity at the Ministry of Truth for unearthing some nasty little facts about Simon Smith and his Amazing Dancing Barefaced Lies.

The really scary thing - apart from the fact that this man is an elected member of a local authority - is that he used to be a teacher. I worry for the standards in our teacher training establishments if he qualified, but then Nick Griffin has a degree from one of our finest universities. Needless to say, all errors in grammar, spelling, fact and principle belong to the original author.

Firstly, there's history and the Holocaust:
The "Holocaust" is the biggest lie of all time….
Then, his views on race.

99 times out of a 100 when talking about Negroes or people from Pakistan , I’m quite happy to speak of them as "Negroes" or "Pakistanis". For the common or garden nigger or paki I think that’s fine…. But for people like this, they are Niggers and Pakis with a capital N and P. There are two women friends of mine who keep getting hassled by Blacks because they have blonde hair all the f****** time. For any Blacks reading this stick to your own bloody women, as ugly as they are !
and more...

The reason why Blacks disproportionately don’t vote is that the frontal part of the brain associated with postponing immediate gratification is not so well developed as in other races. I mean having to go all the way down the street and marking cross on a piece of paper doesn’t bring sex, drugs or the latest pair of trainers.
still more

Creativity AND engineering are what differentiate Whites from every other races
In a turn of phrase calculated to appeal to the many football fans out there

Football is a religion supported by people who are brainwashed idiots

There are obviously more important things than football, but having five Blacks playing for England was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me…
And what about the ordinary electors? Does he show respect for them? Does he cobblers.

I’d certainly agree with the notion that "holocaust denial" as you put it, should be avoided amongst Joseph and Josephine Public.. but then again anything that challenges the average attention span should be as well…One idea forming in my mind lately is think and study deeply but communicate superficially, touching on what sales people call the "hot spots"
Don't forget Hitler, Simon doesn't

Many perhap will look up to a certain mid twentieth century military philospher and statesman and hail him as a sort of saint - fair enough -I will not argue
He goes further

In my mind a very courageous and truthful man. I suppose there may be a great fear about identifying with anything Hitler said, the argument being that it could set the movement backwards – perhaps the only thing that will push the “Movement” forward in the long run is the Truth – unpalatable and uncomfortable as it maybe
And here's a really disturbing phrase

There are only two parties of principle in Britain. The BNP and the Lib Dems [Respeck](Yes I know at the highest level the LDs are part of the three headed hydra monopoly capitalist system, but lower down, there are people of principle in it)
That's how much trouble the LDs are in these days. Even the BNP approve.

And if anyone ever doubted that the BNP remain racist to the core and are hiding their true views in order to get power and influence:
What i mean is,the people who say we (the bnp ) are watering our views down and selling out,don’t understand the need for this slight manoeuvre from our goals and public mindset. When they do,they will understand. You will never convince the public six million did’nt perish untill we are in power. Our people need to be steered back with a sensible and carefull approach,one devoid of hate.If the public hated like we do,Black and Asian ghettos would not exist
Anti-semitism, racism, Holocaust denial and a smug superiority to mere mortals like you and me. Cllr Smith has the complete set of BNP traits. (All credit to Unity for his excellent investigative work).

The truth is certainly out there.


A date with KHAN said...

One aspect of the current government (or the governmental system) is that how can they allow such racist Nazi lovers to enter as a political party.

Their Evil is hidden behind false smiles as they grow day by day.

PoliticalHack said...

Sadly, that's democracy. All we can do is counter their racism and appeal to the fair-minded majority.