Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cameron 0, Gordon 1

David Cameron is on his way to Germany for the match. According to his spokesman, Dave will be watching the match from the stands, "like everybody else." Gordon Brown, who will also be there, is expected to watch it from the box.
So says Hugo Rifkind in the Times.

What he doesn't say is that Gordon is there as a guest of the German government (see, Whitless, some people have a little respect for their hosts) and CallMeDave has leant on his old mates in ITV to give him a corporate freebie - one of the 2% of tickets allocated to broadcasters and something not available to the hundreds of school-kids who were ripped off by conmen, nor to the thousands of fans who weren't lucky enough to get one of the 8% of tickets allocated to the FA. Needless to say, the Tory auto-reply bots that are taking over the comment section on Iain Dale's site are full of indignation directed at the Chancellor of the Exchequer, but gloss over Cameron's blatant political opportunism. Dave, you aren't a 'man of the people' and you never will be, so stop trying so hard.

EDIT: I'm far more cheered by the news that the kids WILL get to see a match after all. For once, top marks to the government (Richard Caborn in particular), FIFA and British Airways (who have agreed to fly the children back to Germany). It is nice to have a good news story.

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