Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Following the master

I've been inspired by Unity to do a little digging myself. I keep a weather eye on the Stormfront website - a home for racists, anti-semites and other charming manifestations of hatred and there used to be a high-profile member of this discussion board calling herself 'Odins-Eye' and apparently hailing from Birmingham. She disappeared shortly after the local elections in May in an attempt to hide her identity, but she seems to be better known as Sharon Ebanks, the current councillor for Kingstanding (until July 3, when the court-ordered recount takes place) - at least that seems to be the common view amongst the feuding Nazis of the National Front. There's even a comment on the Stormfront board that 'Odins-Eye' is too busy to post at the moment, for reasons that should be obvious to those who read the news. She's also a key member of that nasty nest of vipers, as she contributes funds to keep the site functioning and providing an outlet for racist bile on the internet.

Like 'Steve Freedom,' Sharon has some interesting views and was only too happy to broadcast them before her temporary elevation to the council chamber. As before, all errors are from the original - thanks to the Google cache, which reveals the truths that some are trying to conceal.

On Jordan and her son, Harvey
That picture is truly disgusting, a fine display of the cancer eating away at this country, and why the hell this whore is so important, is beyond me. Who gives a stuff that her mouth is bleeding, we have OAP's dying from neglect and a country drowning in filth like the object she gave birth to
The Sunday Mercury's revelation that Sharon's own father was black, like Harvey's, puts a whole new spin on that comment. There is also an irony in the personal ad she ran for her son, who is
'Looking for a female who is racially aware, if you've ever been out with an ethnic, please dont respond'

Whither the BNP?
'The point of our existence is to save the White British race, the BNP are the only ones capable of doing so, unless of course the nationalist opposition all get brain transplants. Pigs might fly, preferably over a mosque'

On the 2004 local elections
'I intend to take photos this year of my polling station, complete with paki candidates hassling the electorate'

On birth control
'And then the jewish bastards gave us the pill, and abortion...'

On Islam and crime
'Islam, the convicts choice'
On Islam
'Muslims are filthy disgusting animals that should be cleansed from the face of the earth'
On Spielberg
'he is a good director when kept away from all things oven'
On the England football team

[In response to this from another poster: It's still not that unusual for black players to have to suffer abuse such as monkey noises and having bananas thrown at them, so we aren't all beaten down and brainwashed yet.]

Yeah, but there should be no need for nanas and noises. They shouldn't be here full stop, and the more Whites that support it, the more we will have of them, lets face it, these blacks can earn millions and they dont even have a brain cell between them. Same goes for crap artists, they spout aload of monkey noises down the mic and hey presto they're living in a mansion and teaching White kids to do drugs, shoot guns and treat White women like whores

And on watching football rather than distributing BNP leaflets
neglecting your country in favour of a freakin shirt that changes each season to give more and more negros, more dosh. Do you ever stop to think about the amount of money you put into foreigners pockets every time you go to a match?
On Israel (and the former Spanish PM, Jose Maria Aznar)
Jewish terrorism. It established their country. It keeps it afloat. And now it gets the stupid goyim to fight their wars for themDid you know, Aznar is a jew?
On rap music
Rap is a jewish plot to put negros in the high earning bracket, and to actually make them feel like they make some kind of artistic difference to peoples lives. They may gain more credibility if the jew wasn't pulling their strings, but yet again, someone else, even the jew has to give them a foot up. Send em back to the jungle where they belong.
On Solihull

We all have our smart areas, but the rest of Solihull is a paki infested dump


Yusuf Smith said...

Any chance of screenshots or links to the offending forum posts?

Serf said...

We should be grateful that these people are by default completely stupid.

Never write anything on the internet that you wouldn't be happy to say in person. Even under an assumed name.