Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Local difficulties

It seems that the defeated Labour candidate in Foleshill, Coventry, is seeking to have the local election result last month overturned, as he claims that at least ten votes cast for his Tory opponent were apparently from people out of the country on election day. The Tory candidate won by six votes and now forms half of the two seat Tory majority on Coventry council. Plod are looking into the matter.

Meanwhile, back in Brum, the reverberations of the council cock-up at the Kingstanding count rumble on, with the council employees responsible for the error facing an inquiry, even as the BNP claim that some of their voters were not recorded as having cast their vote.
We have spoken to people who we know would have voted for us and they have confirmed that they did indeed do so. Yet on the register they are shown as having not voted.

Anyone who has ever done voter ID knows that electors can lie through their teeth - they will tell you that they always vote in elections, but you know for a fact that they haven't voted since 1992. The BNP aren't going to be robbed of this seat, they won it by mistake and the error will be corrected - just as will happen in Barking, where one of their candidates was the victim of a similar mistake. Not that they will shout about that one.

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Simon said...

I suspect this is the BNP's hamfisted attempt to make the Kingstanding result seem overall 'murky' rather than the consequence of a straightforward cock-up, in the hope the petition goes to a Judge stupid enough to declare a re-run rather than simply reverse the original declaration.

Given the amount of resources they devoted to the ward and the unprecedented national publicity they received, the actual BNP result in Kingstanding was quite poor.