Saturday, June 17, 2006

Muzzling the media

Paul Tilsley has leant on a local TV station to stop the broadcast of a rather embarrassing interview where he gets historical fact wrong and misleads the interviewer.

This was an interview in the series 'Now You're Talking' on Biz-TV, where he was questioned about the City Council's refusal to support a heritage centre in the Elan Valley in Wales. This has been the source of Birmingham's fresh water for over a century after the Birmingham Corporation purchased the land and built the dams at the end of the nineteenth century to supply the city. Tenant farmers were moved from the land and the landowners compensated for their loss - the farmers were turned out with nothing. Tilsley seems to believe that they should be grateful to Birmingham for flooding their valley, whereas the truth is that we owe a debt to them.

He apparently even suggests that it was down to him that the community group CARAD obtained £50,000 from Severn Trent towards their planned half million pound target. Sadly, CARAD had already approached the water company before speaking to the Council and were offered £10,000.

If anyone has a copy of the interview, I'd be delighted to give it the audience it deserves. That's the sort of thing YouTube was made for.

Paul was apparently concerned about the lack of knowledge about local government on the part of the interviewer. I'd be concerned by his lack of knowledge of our history and his willingness to lean on the press to stop personal embarrassment. And the Welshmen currently urinating in our reservoir.

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