Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Only good news on TV?

You remember that interview that showed Cllr Paul Tilsley's lack of historical knowledge and a distinct lack of due care when it came to facts over the Elan Valley heritage centre? You remember - the one where he thought that the nineteenth-century tenant farmers were really quite grateful to Birmingham Council for throwing them off their farms without a penny and then flooding the land? The one where he said that he had pointed the Welsh group towards Severn Trent as a source of funding, despite the fact that they had already been approached?

Yes, THAT interview. How soon we forget.

Apparently, it wasn't scrapped because Tilsley didn't like how he was portrayed, nor because the interviewer apparently lacked knowledge about council processes, but because the editor of the channel thought that it
'did not reflect positive business news stories.'
This marks a striking departure for newsgathering everywhere. I look forward to TV crews being withdrawn from Iraq to cover the birth of fluffy kittens in Surrey. At least we can look forward to an end to the bad news emanating from the Home Office for a while - perhaps they can fill the time with a recipe slot or more local weddings. Maybe they can find a talking dog to do something funny. That is possibly the worst excuse for poor journalism. If all they are doing is producing puff-pieces for industry, that's fine, just don't call it news - because it isn't.

If that IS the case, why did the Post report that Tilsley had asked BizTV not to broadcast the interview?

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