Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Whitless shoots - and misses...

So why did the free ticket to the opening England game of the World Cup come to Mike Whitby? He's merely the political leader of the council. The representative of the City of Birmingham should surely be the Lord Mayor. You would think that somebody managing the despatch of the tickets would drop a quick email to Birmingham City Council to see to whom the ticket should be addressed and then somebody could check the diaries to ensure that a representative goes along. I'm not saying that Whitby should miss a family wedding, but somebody should have gone as a courtesy - there would be a long queue to get that golden ticket, I don't doubt. Even without that check, once the ticket arrived, couldn't somebody have sorted it?

So, did the ticket really arrive 'out of the blue' or has Whitby cocked up yet again and managed to offend one of our European partner cities, while managing to put a positive spin on it?


Gary Sambrook said...

So because Mike Whitby is the Leader of the Council means that he shouldn't represent the city because that's the Lord Mayor's job? Well why then did Sir Albert Bore (I just love the way names relate to the person)decide to take it up on him self to open the Bull Ring?
Gary Sambrook, Kingstanding

PoliticalHack said...

It would have been better to have somebody there to thank our hosts for their kind offer rather than refusing it. The Lord Mayor is the non-political figurehead of the City, Whitby isn't.