Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Why change the habits of a lifetime?

As the Bromley & Chislehurst by-election hots up, all the good old Liberal Democrat tricks are being wheeled out.

They hit the ground running - sadly before the previous MP was in it, even earning a gentle slap from Ming. I heard that they were working in Dunfermline just after Rachel Squire died, so that they could get a head start on the campaign.

Of course, Bromley is just a two horse race and the bookmakers are sure that only the Lib Dems can challenge the Tories to win. Is there anywhere that they don't use this old tactic?

Then they attack the opposition candidate - pointing out that the Tory candidate lives a whopping ten miles from the seat (although a fifteen mile journey wasn't a problem for the Lib Dem candidate when he stood in Beckenham last year). Then they criticise the Tory candidate for having too many jobs, while our own John Hemming held down at least five by Iain Dale's calculations (he was also Deputy Leader of the Council, nominally a full-time job, when elected as well).

They manage to gloss over their candidate's own employment as a lobbyist for LLM. Guido handily reminds us of some of their clients - like Orange. Not another mobile phone mast lobbyist. This is starting to look like a pattern. Anyone else remember the lovely Nokia Davies and her disastrous fight for Hodge Hill?

Liberal Democrats and by-elections. They go together like a horse and carriage.

And leave the same trail behind them.

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