Thursday, June 01, 2006

Worse than I thought

We all know that the Minger is in deep trouble and there are those in the party ticking off the days until he can be shunted off to some distant siding and left alone.

I hadn't realised quite how deep the hole was until I read the Birmingham Post on Thursday, for there is a whole page devoted to the man, with a long article of effusive support by John 'GissaFrontBenchJob' Hemming. If you need advice from John, then all is lost. Flee, Ming, flee while you still can. They'll be outside your house with burning torches by the weekend.

I managed to stay awake during Hemming's meanderings, but his advice is summarised as
'Ming needs to get used to being shouted at.'
Is he going deaf, perhaps? Wise words indeed. After almost twenty years in the House and almost forty as a lawyer, that must come as a surprise to Campbell and I'm sure he'll welcome the advice from newbie Hemming.

Now, there's also an interesting rewrite to history
'I supported Ming Campbell when he stood for election'
Apart from the time you ran against him? Remember, Campbell declared within moments of Kennedy falling on his sword and Hemming started frantically trying to find enough fellow MPs with a deathwish to nominate him. Of course, Hemming did eventually support Campbell - he does have an eye on his career, to be fair. But John has more for us
My experience of him as a leader is that he is substantially better than Charles Kennedy.
Well, he is sober, so that's a start, but otherwise, your judgement seems slightly awry there John and at odds with pretty much every other political observer. John also seems a little confused about how policy is decided in the Lib Dem party:
Whereas the party used to manage to fall into policy elephant traps from time to time, Ming Campbell's leadership will ensure that we have the right answers to deal with issues such as anti-social behaviour, the NHS and the economy.

Errrm... doesn't the membership still decide policy? Or has Ming already rewritten that part of the book?

He points out that the LDs ruin local authorities such as Newcastle, Liverpool and Burnley.

Ah, Burnley. Yes, the one where the Liberal Democrats used the support of the BNP councillors to bring down the sitting Labour administration and throw the council into weeks of strife. Or Liverpool - ask my mate Elephunt about them.

Ten out of ten for loyalty, John, but the analysis is some way off the mark.

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