Wednesday, July 19, 2006

An early start to the silly season?

Iain Dale has revealed exclusively that former Labour MP David Hinchcliffe has taken on a non-executive directorship of the South Yorkshire Mental Health Trust, something that brings in less than £6000 a year in remuneration. Iain reckons that this is an example of another Labour snout in the trough.


David Hinchcliffe has a strong record of interest in health issues. A former social worker, he's been a local councillor and then an MP, finally chairing the Commons Select Committee on Health. With his experience in the public field, he'd be an asset to any health trust board. He's not a New Labourite by any means - he's made his opposition to the Iraq war and to the creeping privatisation of the NHS very public.

So, Iain's wrong to identify this as an example of Labour sleaze. The announcement was made a few days ago by the trust and David's former political activity was revealed as a direct result of the Nolan recommendations - something that wouldn't have happened under the Tories.

Unless he wants to suggest that the former Tory council candidate Thiruvenkatar Krishnapillai has also got his nose in the trough as a non-exec director of the same Trust.

Iain - you are out of order on this one and I've come to expect better from you than just mindless trashing of opponents or a self-destructive pandering to those who follow the theory that all politicians are devious and venal. Simply turning round and now blaming New Labour and those paid by the Labour Party to comment on your blog (I'm not proud - if anyone wants to pay me to blog or sit around all day commenting on others, I'm up for that, but currently, this is just a hobby) when comments tend to go against you, shows that you are firmly on the back foot on this one.

You're wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Well done by picking up on the ex-Tory candidate! I live in West Yorkshire and missed that because I was so angry about ID's post.

We need to get better across blogs and news about rapid response to stories like this!