Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Cellulite is a political issue

Unusually, the Daily Express took a step away from their usual diet of blaming immigrants for the murder of Princess Diana with an vitriolic attack on Cherie Blair for the crime of wearing a swimsuit while on a beach holiday. The Daily Mail carried the pics as well.

Some harridan from the Express then turned up on Radio Five Live in an attempt to justify this unneccesary personal attack. I made a point of glancing at the article and the general gist seemed to be that while there was nothing wrong with Cherie being over fifty and having the body of a mother, she should at least keep it under wraps and away from public eyes.

Of course, nobody pointed out that Cherie was hardly parading her beswimsuited body down Whitehall - she was on a beach holiday with her family. The only reason she was 'inflicted' upon us was that the press chose to print the photographs. The photographers could have spared us that suffering caused by seeing pictures of a woman without having them Photoshopped to ensure that blemishes do not scar our unrealistic expectations of women. Nobody asked whether we would wish to see other middle-aged, senior QCs making like swimsuit models - probably because they knew the answer.

Equally, nobody made the point that the proprietor of the Express stable of newspapers - and believe me, these papers are full of what you usually find in stables - made rather a good living out of magazines that supported the more specialist end of the pornographic market, magazines like Readers' Wives and 40 Plus. Tony, of course, has famously never heard of any of these.

But lo - not to be outdone by the Blairs, Dishy Dave is also getting his body out for public inspection and raising questions as to whether he's had his chest waxed. Given that he's shorn the Tory party of any policies, nothing would surprise me.

Welcome to the silly season.

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