Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Do as I say, not as I do

Now, I'm sure we all remember that Ming had to be surgically removed from his beloved, gas-guzzling Jaguar when it was pointed out that everybody has to make sacrifices for the future of the planet and that leadership involves taking a lead. It did take the best part of five months for him to do it, though - after he thought that we'd all forget about his pledge during the leadership campaign. Now he's been talked into an interview with Radio One, where he pushed his green credentials,
'We've all got responsibility... even to use those light bulbs which are more energy efficient.'
Yup. That's entirely fair. Most of the bulbs in my house are energy efficient types - I've gradually replaced them as the old ones fail. They've been around for a while, so how many has the green-minded Ming got?
'I don't have any. None of the light bulbs in my house have gone out for a while, but I will be making sure when we replace them, we replace them with energy saving bulbs. But I tell you what I do, I make sure there are no unnecessary lights on in my house.'
The lights may be on, but I'm not sure that anyone's home. Time to sack those media advisors, Ming.

Speaking of Liberal Democrat hypocrites, one of my favourite LibDems, the human anagram that is Lembit Opik has taken the advice of his leader to heart when it comes to the environment. Ming said,
'At the moment aviation is one of the fastest growing sources of damage to the environment and there is no realistic tax regime to discourage those who operate aircraft from behaving in an environmentally friendly fashion.'
So Lembit's launched an airline. But of course. (Hat tip to Peter Black and Guido).

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