Tuesday, August 15, 2006

'Your message could be here'

Hat tip to Bob P for spotting a couple of stories that tell you a lot about the New Shiny Tories under Davey C. Firstly, Nick Cohen picks up a trail of product placement within the New Torydom as the Osbornes and the Camerons plug the family businesses, then the revolutionary marxists of the FT expose Cameron's attempts to plug the good names of multinational companies that coincidentally employed his strategist until a few months ago. Or is it just that both he and Steve Hilton lack the imagination to do more than regurgitate old press clippings?

A Tory spokesman added
'It is ludicrous to suggest there is any conflict of interest. In fact he goes out of his way to avoid mentioning clients of Good Business although sometimes it would be absurd not to in the context of commenting on ethical practices.'

So, BP, Coca-Cola, ASDA, BT, Boots, Nike, Sky and B&Q all just slipped through the net, did they?

Go on, Davey - get that snout into the corporate trough. You'll need those friends when the political career goes down the toilet. Sponsored by Andrex, of course.

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politicalcorrespondent said...

We've done a follow up to this story - it's not just the favours for friends which is an issue here.