Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Gone quiet.

Praguetory (and others) have commented that I've gone a little quiet of late. There's no reason for that - no desire on my part to keep silent, no pressure from the Party to shut up - just the boring reality that real life gets in the way. I have a day job, a house, a family and I even manage to find time to do some real political stuff. Along the way, there are times when I don't get the chance to blog. Sometimes, I don't even have anything to say.

Even the recent upheavals in national Labour politics have been covered to death on the national media. I've said my piece and I don't see the point in repeating my views until you and I get bored and stop reading. I dare say I'll have a lot more to write when the leadership campaign kicks off and there are a couple of stories that I'm trying to chase down (aided by a few anonymous sources).

That's the end of the public disservice announcement. Normal service has now been resumed.

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Praguetory said...

Hey, you certainly back with a vengeance now. I'm struggling to keep up.