Tuesday, September 05, 2006

In the name of God, go.

The fat lady is certainly practising her scales in the wings.

When arch-loyalists like Tony's-best-mate Sion Simon and Khalid Mahmood turn on him, aided and abetted by Gordon's outriders like Tom Watson (a junior minister who has yet to resign, despite calling for his leader to stand down), you know that things are not going well. It shows just how much Blair's power has melted away that Tom is still hunkered down inside the MoD.

And THAT email. Hellfire. If that is genuinely the view held by those inside Downing Street, then the bunker mentality has taken over completely. The latest story is that Tony will resign on May 31 next year and we'll have a new leader in place for the next conference. Come on - it has to be before that. We have Welsh and Scottish Assembly elections at the start of that month, not to mention the council elections. If Tony considers himself to be an electoral liability, then he should go well before the beginning of May - if he still thinks he's an asset, then he should go now on grounds of incapacity. To hang on until the end of May to spite Gordon or just to pass the decade in power - while watching the last dregs of that authority and power drain away as he becomes a laughing stock - would be fatal for the party. His legacy is already tarnished by the disastrous Iraqi adventure, a tragedy for that country and a black mark against a government that has revived public services, managed a growing economy and continued the reduction in crime. Don't forget the good stuff as we throw the rotten vegetables at the Prime Minister. We'd be in a far worse position if we'd had any of the several Tory leaders as PM and let's not even consider the possibility of a Lib Dem government. I know there are members and MPs out there using this to settle old scores, but I'm not in that business. I hope I have the interests of my party, my city, my country and my family at heart.

I don't want you to set a date, Tony. I don't want the embarrassment of Tory adverts counting down the days to your resignation. I'm not asking for a planned 'smooth transition.' I want all of this to be over so we can get on with governing the country and winning a fourth term. I just want you to do a last service to your party.

Do the decent thing.

Go now.



Gary Sambrook said...

I see Sion Simon finally found his backbone by standing up for himself!

Moseley Blogger said...

Chris Evans? Blue Peter? Whaa? Is Tony still humming along to Cool Britannia? Does he thinks it's 1996 all over again? Or like some latter-day Merlin, has he regressed even further, perhaps to college days/daze?

Serendipty knocks: the verification code for this post is vrgyn

Moseley Blogger said...

Visual confirmation of the above. This time the codeword is sezpsl. Hidden meanings, anyone?

Gary Sambrook said...

yeh the secret message might be: you sad bastard!!!

Moseley Blogger said...

That's good enough. Partly because it applies equally well to Blair and myself. But only one of us has a sense of humour about it.