Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Is that the best you've got?

Yet again, the Tories and the Lib Dems have cocked up. The campaign is supposed to encourage Brummies to get out and be tourists in Birmingham - a laudable aim.

Somebody thought that this was a good idea. Somebody was paid good money to dream up this moronic and insulting caricature - from a country that provides a fair chunk of tourist income to the UK. I know that popular wisdom says that it is OK to insult the Americans, but is is appropriate for the second city (twinned with Chicago).

Perhaps we should have one of our Afro-Caribbean visitors for next year? Jim Davidson is a little short of cash at the moment, maybe he could revive his charming character 'Chalky' White.

Yet again, this brings into question the role of Alistair Morton. If you recall, he was appointed last year after being part of the team that drove Rover off the road and he went through an exhaustive recruitment process for a job that was never advertised and for which he appears to have been the sole candidate. If he knew about this, he deserves the sack for incompetence. If he didn't, then he damn well should have known. Any barely competent PR person should have spotted this for the disaster-in-waiting that has been.

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Praguetory said...

I thought the campaign was fairly eye-catching. I find it difficult to recall other Birmingham ad campaigns. Why not have a Caribean visitor next time or indeed an Indian one? All publicity is good publicity. Words of condemnation from US tourist bosses will give it more exposure.