Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Liberal Democrat Values

A little while ago, I wrote about the eagerness with which the Liberal Democrats have taken the Tesco dollar in return for flogging off council-owned land. Even while they protest gently about the black arts used by the big supermarkets to build up land banks and to deny access to local markets to their competitors, they are cosying up to the self-same practitioners.

And now, we find that a reception for parliamentary candidates is being sponsored by....

Guess who?

Who is teaching who about dark arts?

Incidentally, I can't help linking to this on Yellow Peril from the Times. I heard Graham Watson being interviewed and was stunned to hear him admit that the party needs to grow up and to stop the age old trick of telling people only what they want to hear:
'It will no longer be credible for Liberal Democrats to appeal for votes, as so often we do, on the basis that we would be better managers,” he said. “It will no longer be credible to campaign, as sometimes we do, on a disparate series of populist gimmicks. Our party has been guilty of such populism at all levels of government. Other parties can repair cracked paving stones or improve local eyesores as well as we can, and campaign on a platform of doing so just as effectively.'

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