Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Same old Tory

The Tory party has changed.


Now, those former Conservative students have hidden away their 'Hang Mandela' badges and profess to love the public services really and even to consider increasing spending on them.

On Radio Four this morning, Cameron (against background noise from India, straight out of the BBC Sound FX Collection, if I'm any judge) said that Britain need a reformed tax system to allow it to compete with China and India. Yes - that's right Dave. Businesses go to those countries because of the tax system, not because human life is cheaply available. They like the capital gains system, not the bargain basement labour prices and relaxed environmental laws. But then, Cameron's a big fan of multinationals, as this follow-up posting from The Daily reveals.

He needs to be a bit more careful, as it is isn't only those of us on the left who are critical of Cameron's policy-lite style of Toryism. While the old-Tory dinosaurs like Tebbit and Bernard Ingham can be relied upon to trot out their knee-jerk reactions to the latest New Tory pronouncement from the Cameroonies, the Telegraph is calling for Cameron to put some flesh on the bones of this Tory beast.

Shame that the JCB factory he opened was in Pune, rather than in JCB's native Staffordshire. Still, he has to keep his donors happy, doesn't he?

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Praguetory said...

Peugeot from Coventry to Slovakia. It was mainly the simple and low tax system and unrestrictive labour laws that attracted Peugeot. This didn't need to happen.