Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Short tempered

Clare Short is throwing in the towel and turning her back on the party that has given her a career and a job for a good few years to allow her to advocate a hung parliament.

Shame on you Clare. Shame. That's disloyalty for you. Whatever you think of the government and the PM, stabbing the whole party in the back and endangering what HAS been achieved over the past nine years is a let down to those party members who spent their free time campaigning for you.

The Daily discusses some of the options in Birmingham, where boundaries in the south of the city have been redrawn to remove one of Birmingham's constituencies (Sparkbrook and Small Heath, to be precise). Currently, that is held by Roger Godsiff, Lynne Jones holds Selly Oak and Steve McCabe holds Hall Green. Three into two won't go, so someone gets the bullet.

Roger Godsiff is likely to take the Hall Green seat by membership numbers, as the revised boundaries include an awful lot of his current patch (the rest goes to Yardley) and should hold it for Labour. The fight will be between Lynne Jones and Steve McCabe for the new Selly Oak seat, which is much closer in terms of membership and will probably go to a close vote. In that case, I expect Steve McCabe to get it, as Lynne has offended some locals with her independent mind/disloyalty (delete as appropriate) and made precious few friends within the regional party structure. Clare Short's decision could offer a way out for Lynne, as Ladywood should be an all-woman shortlist - NEC policy is for the seats of retiring MPs to be so designated (unless there is a good reason not to - usually this means that No 10 want to parachute a favoured male candidate in).

But we'll see - you'd never bet your mortgage on an accurate reading of the runes in local party politics. It can get all too personal.


Praguetory said...

PH - You must have seen this coming to some extent. Maybe Clare is one of those people who prefers being in opposition. It's interesting that the cause celebre she is taking up is PR which from Labour's electoral prospects is probably be the single most damaging policy she could back. She really hates you, doesn't she? I could even imagine her backing a Tory candidate if politically opportune.

Anonymous said...

When the Birmingham Selly Oak CLP made the NEC election nominations, was it organized on the new or old boundaries?

PoliticalHack said...

I suspect the CLP did the nominations on the old boundaries. The CLPs aren't reorganised yet across Birmingham, so things like conference and NEC nominations come from the existing CLP organisations.

A soft socialist said...

I think tho PR will damage our electoral chances if we really stand for true democracy then uktimately it is the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

"I suspect the CLP did the nominations on the old boundaries"


Peter Smallbone said...

Farewell Claire.

There was a time when Ms Short (believe it or not) was a broad supporter of Tony Blair's policies and leadership, but now there's only bitterness and resentment. Paralysed in-between the PLP and Old Labour grassroots, it's probably time she made for pastures new.

Shame really, she was fast becoming an electoral asset for the Ladywood Conservatives.

Moseley Blogger said...

Next thing you know she'll be Mayor of a newly-reformed city government, all by virtue of thumbing her nose at micro-manager Tony.

Guy said...

I really hope Godsiff is the one to bite the bullet. Never have I known an MP do so little in Parliament and represent his constituents so badly.