Sunday, September 24, 2006

Spitting Image

For those of us old enough to remember, 10pm on Sunday night meant only one thing - prising the TV from the fingers of the parents to switch channels away from the comedy vegetables on That's Life to catch Spitting Image. Like most shows dependent on up to the minute comedy writing, the quality was variable, but when the boys from Central were on form, they could hit the highs.

Phil Pope (one of the Channel Four Who Dares Wins comedy team as well) was the main songwriter on the show and he is a genius when it comes to parodies of well-known music. One of the best examples was created for an end of season show (I think the first or second, but I'm not certain) and was brilliant satire. It is also unique in that it is the only Spitting Image parody to be voiced by the original artist, Sting.

It isn't funny, but by God it is biting and has stayed with me for twenty years. Read the credits as well and you will see a roll call of the great and the good of British comedy. Watch the reworded version of Every Breath You Take here.

It is a show due for revival - if any channel has the guts to make it these days.

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