Sunday, September 17, 2006

Welcome, blogpickers

In like a bullet at, er, number 29. I have asked for a recount.

Still, could be worse. I could be David Milliband. Curiously, Jonathan Roberts doesn't even figure, despite being the official Labour conference blogger (no, I didn't apply).

Thanks to Antonia for a rather more userfriendly listing than Iain Dale's PDF file. He has managed to miss the Ministry of Truth off his list, a blogger who certainly qualifies as a leftie and has also excluded Recessmonkey - an error he has since admitted and which would actually push me down to number 30.

Kerron at the top? Civilisation is in decline.


Praguetory said...

Congratulations on the mention. Being philosophical, maybe it is better to be under-rated. Personally, I'm not that excited by any of the winners (e.g. I don't like Conservative Home and the Lib Dem review just picks MSM headlines of some vague relevance and allows posts). By the way Iain previously blogged that Jonathan Roberts blog without comments (website) came 105th so he was considered.

Of course the main winner is Mr Dale himself.

Simon said...

It's a funny old list, indicating more than anything Mr Dale's bias towards conventional party politics, even in the 'non-aligned' list. Most of my regular reads don't feature at all, some - like Nick Cohen's - aren't really blogs, and some - like Tom Watson's - haven't been updated frequently in ages (though that may soon change in that specific case).