Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Boris Johnson - a national treasure

And as with all national treasures, he belongs in a museum.

Sunday, Cameron wanted to let the sunshine win and praised Jamie Oliver to the skies.

Monday, the walking gaffe-zone that is Johnson said that
'If I was in charge I would get rid of Jamie Oliver and tell people to eat what they like... Why shouldn't they push pies through the railings?'

Joining in with that other elected idiot, John Hemming, Boris has criticised the new laws requiring children to use booster seats. He was recently spotted with his two sons in the front seat of his convertible sports car and adds
'When I was growing up we all bounced around like peas in a rattle - did it do us any harm? Now this law, imposed on us without public consultation, is forcing police to measure our children.'
OK. The first argument makes as much sense as declaring cigarettes safe on the anecdotal evidence of a bloke who smoked forty a day until he was run over by a bus on his eightieth birthday. The second angle is just plain wrong. As I pointed out when I started a fight with Cllr Hemming, there has been a good deal of public consultation and there was overwhelming support for the new measures. Indeed, many of those who expressed an opinion felt that the legislation didn't go far enough. And to reiterate - the basis for this regulatory change came about in the 1993 Seat Belt Wearing Regulations, passed by a Tory government.

Just like Gideon and his autism jibe at Gordon Brown, Boris now claims that he was merely misquoted (although the BBC reporter concerned is standing by his notes and quotes). Boris is the MP for Henley, a seat so safe that it has been said it would return a donkey if it wore a blue rosette.

Apparently it did.

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