Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy now?

I do hope that Cllr Alan Rudge is proud of himself.

Thanks to his nasty little PR campaign, he's had one of his employees reduced to tears by a stream of abuse from passing motorists.

Not bad for a few minutes work with the blokes from the Post and the Mail, is it?

And they say the Tories aren't the nasty party any more. Perhaps this is the preferred method of man management these days, exposing your staff to ridicule on the streets. Some may say that playing politics in this way is an breach of the duty of care that an employer owes to their employees.

Excellent work, Alan.

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Anonymous said...

the real nasty people are those who abused a system which allowed them to earn money which they did not deserve. anybody who believes that someone who paints white lines deserves £53000 a year has a serious screw loose!!!!!!!!!!!!