Monday, October 23, 2006

How do you embarrass a Liberal Democrat?

Normally, of course, this would be a challenging task (think Oaten, Hughes, Hemming...) but, there is a way.
Kirsty Williams, the Liberal Democrat Welsh Assembly Member for the area, said: "I am deeply disappointed that the deputy leader of Birmingham City Council could not make the event, both as a local politician and a Lib Dem myself, but it is his loss as we have a great day despite the rain." Richard Tyler, a Liberal Democrat county councillor for Powys, said he was "ashamed" that there was no Liberal Democrat member at the event.
Of course, I refer to the Elan Valley, which yesterday marked the first day when water flowed into the first reservoir in the area - reservoirs that have since provided the millions of gallons of fresh water that our city needs every day. While Mike Whitless had a prior engagement - gormlessly welcoming one of his new Chinese friends to the City (I wonder what gift he gave them this time - last time, the Chinese got Rover), the Deputy Leader could surely find it in his heart to attend and to show his thanks for the water that keeps our city alive.

Sadly not. Paul Tilsley of that ilk must have been busy that day. Apparently he has learned nothing from his media embarrassment (and subsequent climb-down) in July.

At least the (Labour) Lord Mayor turned up. There's nothing unusual in having both the leader or deputy leader at events with the Lord Mayor - in February this year, Whitless got his nose at the BAe dining table alongside the then Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor.

Shame, councillors, shame.

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