Friday, October 13, 2006

New Tory, Old Danger

How is that new, touchy-feely Tory party doing in the country? Is the Cameron approach just so much soft soap and posturing?

But of course.

Chris Black, a Liberal Democrat councillor in Essex, reveals that Tory councillors were whipped into voting against parent and child spaces in a car park. Yup, the councillors were required to vote down a family-friendly policy on pain of having the whip withdrawn.

Ridiculous Politics highlights the Tory MEPs who refused to back a European project to prevent violence against women and young people - including victims of genital mutilation. We're also reminded that in June, only one Tory MEP voted in favour of a resolution on the increase in racist and homophobic violence in Europe.

Perhaps that's what Tory MP Philip Davis had in mind when he warned Cameron not to ditch traditional values to get to the centre ground.

Graham Norton, that political sage, also throws in his fourpennorth on the Cameroonian revolution
'The man is absolutely loathsome. He’s transparent & is just trying so hard. It’s like he has bought a flatpack policy assembly kit from Ikea. I just don’t think the British public will buy it.'

The Tory whips were apparently trialling a new device to ensure parliamentary obedience - electric shock collars for MPs. Rumours that Boris Johnson will be the first to receive one have been denied.

Another day, another gaffe by the flaxen-haired Boris. This time, he reckons that the US should give Iran nuclear devices.
'Indeed, if all else fails, there may even be a case for giving the Iranians the bomb - that's right: maybe it is time for the Americans to take control themselves of this unstoppable programme.'
One of the legion of Tory spindoctors employed full-time to damage control Boris said that it was merely an idea that the blonde bombshell was 'running up the flagpole.'

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Anonymous said...

Re Graham Norton, look how well IKEA have done! The thing is it may be flat packed and basic but it's what the public wants.