Friday, October 20, 2006

Rock on, Iain!

Anybody who likes the magnificent Meat Loaf (note that it is correctly spelt as two words - he's particular about that) can't be all bad. Even if they are Tories.

My copy of the new album is even now winging its little way through the post from my favoured on-line supplier. I've seen the man perform on a few of his recent tours (including his farewell tour a couple of years back - even if he does keep popping up on odd occasions) and although Iain's right when he says that the voice isn't what it was, Mr Loaf is still a fine showman.

Don't take the music seriously, even if it soars to operatic heights at times. Loaf is about fun and a little bit of nostalgia for all the hope and promise that we all had in our youth. It is gloriously theatrical - always helped by Jim Steinman's writing (a man who will never use one word in a song title when six will do instead). Sadly, a dispute over the ownership of the Bat Out of Hell trademark has kept the dynamic duo apart for this album, even if a number of the songs are Steinman originals.

Iain reckons that the album won't do as well as the first Bat. He's bound to be right on that - Bat Out of Hell spent 474 weeks on the UK album charts and has shifted 34 million copies worldwide.

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