Thursday, November 02, 2006

Liberal Democrats get tough

They had a leader who was trained to kill with his bare hands (and one since who could bore you to death), but they currently have a councillor in Manchester who used to be a mercenary in Africa and has just been convicted of assault - dragging his wife around their home because she forgot to dry his coat. (Hat tip to Parbury Politica via Kerron)

Meanwhile, Sandra Gidley considers the manifesto upon which she fought the last election to be 'dishonest.' She's not the only one, but she's the first Lib Dem MP to admit it. (Yellow Peril - watching them, so you don't have to.)

And the Lib Dem donation saga rumbles on
A figure close to Sir Menzies [that's Ming, then] said: “The party certainly owes Charles Kennedy a great debt, and it is £2.4 million..

It seems that they are ready to face the possibility of repayment - with a little help from their friends - but are still holding up their belief that
'We would be astonished if they found that in law this company never existed and therefore we have to pay the money back.'
The Electoral Commission don't have to find that company never existed, only uphold the judge's view that the company has never traded. Apparently, senior Lib Dems are baffled. Then they should read the law.

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Anonymous said...

Pity Mr Wright is too old to be sent to Afghanistan.Just the man the British government needs for a bit of "reconstruction".