Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Liberal Democrats - two faced?

Remember when the Liberal Democrats selected a mobile phone industry publicist as a parliamentary candidate despite their consistent opposition to mast planning applications? Here's another one for the You Couldn't Make It Up files.

William Rennie, the winner of the Dunfermline by-election threw the Prime Minister a curved ball during PMQs today

After the conflict ended, cluster bombs used in Lebanon by Israel had resulted in 159 casualties, including 23 deaths so far. In Geneva last week, why did the UK not support calls from the UN Secretary-General, the International Committee of the Red Cross and 27 nations for urgent action? In Oslo next year, will the Prime Minister push for a ban on those indiscriminate bombs, or does he agree with the Minister of State, Ministry of Defence, who has responsibility for the armed forces, who strongly advocates the use of such bombs?
As FibDems reminds us, Wee Willie knows more about this than he's letting on. You see, Willie used to be a PR man for the company that handled the Raytheon account. Raytheon make cluster bombs. Indeed, on a recent visit to their factory in his constituency, Willie commented:
'it is easy to understand why the company enjoys such a good reputation both in Fife and further afield'

Here's the Raytheon-manufactured AGM154 delivering some of that reputation.

Still, why should he be consistent?

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