Thursday, November 09, 2006

Race to the top

As forecast, the resignation of Cllr Abdul Aziz proved a bitter matter as he attacked his former colleagues for, let's face it, racism.

The preamble to the Lib Dem constitution says the Lib Dems exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society. They can't even create a fair group, how in the name of God do they claim that they can create a fair and free society?

This is a novel policy to deal with equality and diversity. The policy is to get rid of Asian councillors from the Liberal Democrat group who can do the job of a cabinet member or be scrutiny committee chairmen and replace them with those who cannot.

Groundhog day for the Liberal Democrats, barely a year on from the last high-profile resignation from their party. Then Cllr Talib Hussain commented on his dismissal:
The reason for sacking me is my colour. I feel I have been sacked because I am an Asian.
Those seats in front of Sir Albert in the council chamber are going to get mighty crowded if this carries on.

And still we wait for the long-promised reshuffle of portfolios which will allow the mostly-male and all-white chairs of scrutiny and members of the cabinet to more properly represent the people of Birmingham.

Meanwhile, of course, the Tories are running true to form as one former parliamentary candidate and councillor decides to spread a nasty poem (she's not the only one to have been burnt by that little ditty) - although some of her best friends are Asian or German, another Tory A-lister considers whether selection committees are irredeemably racist and two investigative bloggers dig into a Tory parliamentary campaign and discover cardboard cut-out Little Englanders within.

On the Tory councillor, one MP commented that
Racism has absolutely no place in British politics and I am asking the CRE to advise on what further action can be taken.

Thank you, Ed Davey, the Liberal Democrat chair of campaigns and communications. Now, I'm off to reset my ironymeter, which has unaccountably pinged off the scale.


kaz said...

Sitting in your lofty position pouring out criticism please tell us in your wisdom what you would do in all the situations that you comment on in your blog.

Easy to be a cynic, harder to come up with answers isn't it?

Rather than just criticising I would love to know what you would do differently. Please share.

Praguetory said...

PH - Thanks for this interesting story. Fascinating. That's twice that an inner city Asian Lib Dem has left charging racism. Is it OK for this to happen? Obviously, the white Lib Dems have to take this abuse on the chin for political reasons. Is that right?

Kaz - it is indeed easier to report than opine on these sensitive matters. I've given it a go, anyway. I look forward to some lively debate.