Friday, December 15, 2006

Lib Dems stand by convicted electoral fraudsters

Some of you may remember leading Liberal Democrat John Hemming accusing the Labour Party of standing by six councillors found guilty of electoral fraud back in April 2005 (one was later cleared on appeal).
Now ... what we have is Six Councillors found to have been involved in electoral fraud to the criminal burden of proof. The criminal burden of proof is "Beyond reasonable doubt". The Labour Party's immediate response is to "Suspend them". Now I would accept that if merely allegations were raised that may be appropriate. However, we have had a High Court sitting for over a month going through the cases. The question is "Where is the doubt?" ... What is holding the Labour Party back from expelling the councillors? ...It does seem that Labour are "standing by" their disgraced councillors.

So, in Burnley, we have two Liberal Democrat councillors convicted and jailed for electoral fraud. What's the party response (with a hat tip to FibDems)?
A spokeswoman for the Liberal Democrats said because the councillors were planning an appeal against their convictions the party was unable to expel them. She said they had been suspended since they were found guilty. "Until the conclusion of the legal process we cannot expel them, they only remain suspended."
By that standard, the Lib Dems are standing by their convicted criminal councillors.


Political Penguin said...

LibDems, hypocracy, nah, never.

fairdealphil said...

Well remembered...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for passing your screen save to M O T. I won't forget that act of kindness. He censored the information about Sion Simon. My contact who was at uni at the same time at Sion Simon made some very serious allegations about Mr Simon - well beyond the normal university experience. This wasn't something I waished to bring into the public arena, but I will be seeing my source to see whether he is open to that suggestion. Again, thank you for your kind act. It will not affect me, but will rebound on your party (especially in Birmingham). You have an opportunity to get MoT to take down his post forthwith.