Monday, January 15, 2007

Blogger off

Tim Ireland sticks it to Guido Fawkes.

A while back, Guido was a bit of fun - a source of gossip and even a little political debate. In recent months, I've noticed that it has declined to being little more than a home for the right-wing, spittle-flecked green ink brigade.

I've noticed a similar descent in the comments trail of Iain Dale's site as well, which I find disappointing, as it drives away those who might actually want to contribute to debate rather than just sling mud and you end up with a comments section populated entirely by right wingnuts.

With things like Tory TV (Doughty St is leavened by a handful of non-Tory contributors, but is still funded by Conservatives) I can't help but wonder if this is just an attempt by the US-inspired right in the UK to try to create a political virtual environment operating in an entirely different dimension to the rest of us - inventing their own reality.


Bob Piper said...

I suspect it's partially a curse associated with popularity. Iain's site is more humerous and less openly provocative than Guido's, but when you attract a hundred or so commenters on some postings you are going to attract those who don't have the wit or wisdom to run their own site but want to come on and spout their rubbish in your comment box, or those like PragueTory or Newmaniac who are really just Iain Dale wannabees using someone's comment box to increase their hits. I've been the attention of some of these people in recent months, which is why I've introduced comment moderation. I don't object to criticism, but petty sods sticking their tongue out can bugger off to Guido.

I think Tim has got a few more of these in his sights.

Praguetory said...

PH - As a regular visitor to your esteemed site I appreciate your posts and I do understand your frustration about the level of debate at Iain's and Guido's place. When it comes to Lefties, amongst some commenters there is something close to a "shoot on sight" policy. The major blogs are so popular they are almost public. On the other hand, it would be a pity if we all curled up in our respective corners failing to engage with each other. Just a personal point of view, but I think Tim's campaign raises the temperature rather than cools it.