Friday, January 26, 2007

Fly me, I'm Whitby

After the cock-up over the library, Whitby had to think of another big idea to cover up his political incompetence, so following the Tory tradition, he's decided that Birmingham International Airport should be taken into public control.

Hang on - don't the Tories believe in privatisation? Haven't the Whitby acolytes, led by Paul Tilsley in his incarnation as deputy leader and chair of the Property Committee, been running around the City like estate agents on speed, pricing up and selling off council assets?

Indeed they have.

Is it all to fund another of Whitless' hare-brained, ill-considered ideas?


Saxondale said...

This attack on Whitby only goes to show what a shambolic outfit the Birmingham Labour Group is. After hammering away for months at Mike Whitby's lack of leadership (wrongly), we now have a situation where Labour attacks him for pursuing a course of action designed to secure this major asset for the benefit of the city and the Birmingham City Region.

Whitby can in no way be accused of being a dogmatic politician, he has seen an opportunity for the airport to get its much-needed aditional runway, and decided to act.

This is leadership.

Anonymous said...

What about the untold story of the Lib Dem & Con are in bed together and as usual they get things wrong in the full council meeting.

So Ithink that Labour has every right to attackthe leaders of Birmingam Conserative & Lib Dem for their mismanagement of runing the council.

PoliticalHack said...


Whitless has proved incompetent in the job time and time again. He's been slated by business leaders in Birmingham, not just Labour. I've been attacking his inaction and all-round uselessness on this blog for two and half years (with nothing sponsored by the Labour Group, to be honest).

This is called opposition and it is the job that Labour have to do.

I don't see how spending a large chunk of taxpayers' money (a share of £250 million) on BIA is actually going to help us. This isn't leadership, this is casting around desperately for a project on which he can hang his name.

KS Tory said...

new blog on the street:

Brummie Tory said...

by the speed that ur posts are being done by u dont seem to be flying anywhere!!!!

Anonymous said...

Riddle me this, riddle me that who remembers the tory years 18 of it I believe with under funding & for a comment like Brummie Tory saying
by the speed that ur posts are being done by u dont seem to be flying anywhere!!!! that is nasty from a troy