Monday, January 08, 2007

Tory Troubles in Kings Norton

One or two of my regular visitors thought I was losing it when I suggested that Margaret and Geoff Sutton - the dynamic husband and wife Tory duo in Kings Norton - were upwardly mobile.

Now, perhaps a little more flesh on the bones of the story. You see, I'd heard that the Cllrs Sutton - who have made their name as local people campaigning on local issues (Kings Norton is twinned with Royston Vasey, apparently) have decided that they are altogether much richer than yew and have upped sticks and relocated. There are even rumours that they may have decided to show their faith in the Tory leadership of Birmingham by moving to Sandwell.

They also form for annoying their fellow candidates. Another contributor retold a charming story about the 2004 election count, where Geoff led the poll, Laura Ross came in second for Labour and Margaret was in third spot, just a single vote ahead of their Tory colleague, Tony Ward. Tony wanted a recount, as the chances of being able to pick up a single vote are pretty high. Geoff and Margaret vetoed this idea.

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Simon said...

Why on earth would moving to Sandwell indicate upward mobility?