Monday, January 01, 2007

Tutu, but no Desmond.

One of the English National Ballet's performers was outed as a member of the BNP just before Christmas. Rather than doing the sensible thing and keeping her head down, she's decided to let us know why she supports the racist thugs of the BNP, but sees no problem with having a boyfriend of Chinese-Cuban extraction.

Simone Clarke said of the BNP manifesto
'I am not too proud to say that a lot of it went over my head...'
You aren't kidding.
'She protested that it is "really silly" to point to her partner's non-English origins, adding: "It is not about removing foreigners. It's about border controls.'
Perhaps she didn't read the 2005 manifesto deeply enough. Lines like
To ensure that we do not become a minority in our own homeland, and that the native British peoples of our islands retain their culture and identity, we call for an immediate halt to all further immigration... and the introduction of a system of voluntary resettlement

might give her a clue that there is a subtext to the BNP's stated aims. Failing that, reading some of the comments made by senior BNP members in some of their less guarded moments should suggest that she's not thought this through. Who could forget Sharon Ebanks' plaintive lonely hearts ad for her son
'Looking for a female who is racially aware, if you've ever been out with an ethnic, please dont respond'
Or 'Steve Freedom' - better known as Simon Smith,
What i mean is,the people who say we (the bnp ) are watering our views down and selling out,don’t understand the need for this slight manoeuvre from our goals and public mindset. When they do,they will understand. You will never convince the public six million did’nt perish untill we are in power. Our people need to be steered back with a sensible and carefull approach,one devoid of hate.If the public hated like we do,Black and Asian ghettos would not exist
This is the kind of view he had in mind.
99 times out of a 100 when talking about Negroes or people from Pakistan , I’m quite happy to speak of them as "Negroes" or "Pakistanis". For the common or garden nigger or paki I think that’s fine…. But for people like this, they are Niggers and Pakis with a capital N and P... For any Blacks reading this stick to your own bloody women, as ugly as they are !

So, is she stupid or just in denial about the BNP's true aims? You decide.


crossland said...

maybe she thought that the BNP is largely made up of undercover journalists ?

JC said...

I take everything the Grauniad writes with a pinch of salt after their favourite centre leftie followed Bush into Iraq. Leftwingers: first against the wall come the revolution!

PoliticalHack said...

OK, JC - why not look at the original interview in the Mail, which includes her comments. The other quotes in my piece come from the BNP manifesto and research carried out by Unity at the Ministry of Truth and myself.

Crossland - in the old days, the extreme right was mostly made up of MI5 agents.