Thursday, February 22, 2007

Moron Limp Dumbs

Remember the Burnley Lib Dems who decided to support a BNP councillor in her attempt to get nominated to a position on a regeneration board? How could we forget?

Pickled Politics picked up the story in the Guardian yesterday which revealed that the pair had been suspended from the party following some rather choice comments.

The Liberal Democrat John Jones said
'She [Ms Wilkinson] is a good councillor. I can't afford to be biased against a certain party if they're doing the business for their ward members... most parties have their faiths, tenets and beliefs. They [the BNP] are to an extent extreme at the national level, but I think she speaks sense most of the time'
His colleague Jeff Sumner added that
'I voted for Sharon Wilkinson because I thought - and still do - that she was the right person for the job. Politics shouldn't come into it... I don't think she's a very racist person'

These two are early front runners in the contest to find the dumbest Lib Dem of the year - tough choice to make with so many candidates. The BNP are, if anything, even more racist at local level than at the national, where they try to modify their language to broaden their support and in the vague hope that we'll forget that they are a party packed with thugs, racists and convicted criminals, who see their one hope of gaining power in the breakdown of civil society.

When all this first broke, the Liberal Democrats rushed to issue the following statement of inaction:
After this incident the council group leader, Cllr Birtwistle, spoke to Cllrs Jones and Sumner and explained to them that this was conduct not becoming of an elected Liberal Democrat representative. They wholly accept that analysis and undertake that their votes will never be used again in such a way as to be open to any form of misrepresentation as support for the BNP. No further action was taken because they wholly and swiftly accepted that they had behaved wrongly.
Curiously, this may not have been the entire truth, as Cllr Jones later said
Bullshit. I vote the way I want to vote and as far as I'm concerned I'm an asset to the Liberal Democrats... We did have words about this, but I certainly wasn't told it was the party line and never to do it again. I wouldn't have agreed to it.
Cllr Sumner agreed

If the vote was again tonight, I would vote for Sharon again

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