Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cameron inhaled

His failure to deny smoking cannabis at school seems to provide confirmation that Cameron has a bit of a past. Does it matter? Frankly, I doubt it. Some of the wilder Tories will doubtless regard this as further proof that the end of the world is a step closer, but I think at the moment they'd probably accept Cheech or Chong as their leader if there was a chance of winning.

I can't say it affects my view of Cameron. Rich kid smokes dope at school is hardly a shock story. It might even help his image with the younger voters.

That might shift if some stories were to come out from later in life - say university or his (brief) career in media (the destruction of ITV Digital).

What does Gideon Osborne think?

Unity puts in his fourpennorth here.

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Lord Saxondale said...

Just you keep your class warrior approach going PH!