Thursday, February 01, 2007

Conference 08

I can hardly wait!

Yes, in 2008, the Tory Party conference will be coming to Birmingham. It only took £2 million of council taxpayers' cash to fund it. Actually, I'm not that bothered about it - think of it as an investment to bring in the delegates. I'm thinking of opening a Stannah stairlift and Sanatogen concession stand at the conference. I should make a fortune.

Well, I suppose that they had to find a city 'oop north where they weren't completely wiped out. You and I both know that Birmingham isn't really in the north, but as they've appointed Alan Duncan (MP for Rutland) as their 'shadow cabinet' member for Newcastle and the North East, I think you get the idea of how limited their more northern roots are. Let's face it, the MP who represents one of the most rural seats in the country has so much in common with the Tynesiders.

I wonder if it will be as tightly choreographed as Dave's last outing in Brum, where the audience wasn't quite as racially mixed as Dave's minders thought it should be.

'As community leaders and residents took their seats in the church hall, 'Dave' Cameron's aides appeared to be attempting to mix them up – surely not to give a more integrated look to the politician's audience? One young white woman was asked to swap seats with a middle-aged man of Asian appearance. A slightly bemused-looking member of the audience, well-dressed and possibly a party worker or sympathiser, remarked: "I hate it when they do that – trying to make it look more integrated."
And they accuse Dave of being heavy on the spin, light on the policy. I don't know where they get that idea.

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