Monday, February 26, 2007

Fact of the week

At a meeting on Saturday to discuss economic policy in the West Midlands, we had Lord Hunt of Kings Heath, the health minister, turn up and he made the point that under the Conservatives' Patients' Charter, you were guaranteed treatment within 18 months.

Shortly, the investment and hard work in the NHS from Labour will mean that you will get treatment - from GP to consultant - in eighteen WEEKS.

Only last week, a friend told me that she had been to a hospital appointment and the consultant was most apologetic that the procedure had a waiting list. She was expecting to be told that she'd be seen in twelve months time, but he was sorry that it could take up to twelve weeks - but the hospital was laying on extra surgery at weekends to try and take care of the backlog. Things aren't perfect, but they are a damn sight better than they were.

Not a bad discussion session overall - even if it was over-populated by bloggers (at least three in the room to my knowledge)...

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Brummie Tory said...

Fact of the week: tensions are still high in the Handsworth Wood Labour Party as Cllr Atwal stills wants another member of his family on the Council benches, much to Cllr Hamilton's dismay!!!