Thursday, February 08, 2007

Grab a grand!

As has been widely rumoured, Birmingham City Council has paid some 6000 employees the sum of £1000 in an attempt to stem the likely flow of legal claims for back pay in the light of the move to single status (equal pay for equivalent jobs).
Employment lawyer Stefan Cross said the payments were unique in his experience and he was not clear whether they were lawful. “£1,000 without any obligations or commitments and no admission of liability? That's £6m of taxpayers' money straight into workers' accounts without any good reason. I'd be interested to see what the district auditor has to say about that.”

The story from LGCNet also reveals that the urban design department has already lost 14% of the staff from the urban design department - highly skilled people with experience that should transfer nicely to the private sector.

I don't think we've heard the last of this little story by a long way and I'm fully expecting serious disruption when the details are finally unveiled. It is going to get VERY messy.

[A hat tip to another esteemed blog reader who shall remain anonymous]


Bob Piper said...

If Stefan Cross is on to them they're in serious trouble.punpv

Bob Piper said...

The last bit of that comment is a consequence of trying to retrieve a peanut from the keyboard whilst sending the comment... not some sort of secret code.

Anonymous said...

At least they are tyring to sort out the mess your party left the council with after ignoring it for 20 years of Labour rule

PoliticalHack said...

Hi anonymous.

Please try to change the record once in a while. They've been in charge for almost three years and that's the best argument they've got.

Lord Saxondale said...


You know full well that this is an issue that is facing councils of all political shades up and down the land. The council is facing up to this problem(belatedly).

I think it's called "leadership".

Brummie Tory said...

O i love that PoliticalHack:

"Please try to change the record once in a while. They've been in charge for almost three years and that's the best argument they've got"

The most frequent answer from the government nearly always ends up with Maggie or 18 years of Tory rule being blamed. 21 years of Socialism can not be fixed in 31months it takes a damn while to sort out that mess!!!

Lord Saxondale said...

Brummie Tory you are on the money here surely. Yes, just prior to 1997 and since we have had the 18 years of evil Thatcher. Yet so evil (apparently) were her policies that Blair decided to repackage them for Labour. The problem is his prescriptions were watered down to such an extent (so that they would be palatable for socialists) that they had no impact at all.

Labour's opposition isn't on policy grounds, it is on slur & innuendo, this brings Birmingham politics crashing down to a new level.

Labour are the party of the slur!

PoliticalHack said...

No policy differences?

Saxondale, not even the Tories believe in Thatcherism any more - or so we're supposed to believe.

For much of our years in power in Brum, we had to contend with a Tory government (Thatch didn't run it for 18 years, by the way) intent on cutting local government and with a loathing of 'society.'

Funny thing is, you Tories/Liberal Democrats (indistinguishable in Brum) are delighted to take credit for the improvements - of which there have been some, to be sure. The groundwork for a number was laid under the Labour administration, though, and you never mention the above-inflation settlements that you've received from the Labour government.

Where's the leadership from the current administration? Why don't they stop vacillating and start moving forwards?