Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mayoral Unmaking

One of my sources had nothing better to do on Valentines Day than go to the Evening Mail Mayoral Debate at the Council House.

He reports back that Ray Mallon was the best argument against an elected mayor that you could imagine.

Apparently Ray claimed to be both New Labour and a socialist.


Pugin said...

Your source is quite right, if you were in favour of elected mayor's after listening to Ray Mallon, you would have both feet firmly planted in the "NO Lobby".
For someone who is an Independent Mayor he was very clear where his politics lay "so much for voting an Independent Mayor". Ray Mallon last night showed himself to be a hypocrit.
If Steve Dyson reads this blog, take note: Your readers made better contributions than your panel.

thesheep said...

Well I'm not so sure about that. Firstly Mallon said that his politics were more Labour than anything else, but he didn't identify himself as New Labour.

Secondly he was far more entertaining than Whitby, Bore or Stewart (all not present). You have to go back to Dick Knowles before you would see this kind of entertainment from a leader, and as a CT payer I should at least get something for my money.

Finally, he was at least on topic some of the time - more than could be said for Coun Osbourne or former Coun Tyrell...