Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Spring merchant

During Tuesday's council meeting, there was an intriguing question about whether Whitby should have declared an interest in the Iraq debate - his company, Skeldings, manufactures assorted items of specialist metal products for military contracts, including springs for the Challenger II main battle tank. There's actually no legal reason why he should and I think you would be hard pushed to find someone who thought that this would influence Whitless' decisions.

However, he did choose to show his depth of military knowledge, though, by claiming that there are no Challenger IIs deployed to Iraq.

A minor point, Councillor, but the Ministry of Defence begs to differ. Currently forming part of the force reserve in-country is Egypt Squadron of the 2 Royal Tank Regiment, equipped with Challenger II MBTs (although they also perform patrol duties without their tanks as well). To my knowledge, Challenger IIs have been deployed from day one to Iraq.

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Lord Saxondale said...

He didn't did he? Factual inaccuracies about military hardware in Iraq. Something for the Audit Commission to put in next time, eh?

Here's another fact about Iraq. British soldiers needlessly dying due to lack of proper equipment. Not my views - a coroner's.