Thursday, March 01, 2007

Afraid of your past, David?

Can anyone explain to me why a company would remove from circulation for 'commercial reasons' a picture of David Cameron and Boris Johnson in their expensively-tailored Bullingdon Club uniforms?

Surely this is the time to exploit that picture and maximise your returns? I'm sure the Labour Party would be delighted to buy out the copyright or perhaps one of those rich Tories might wish to save young Master David any further embarrassment.

The company denies being the subject of any pressure.

Nope, I'm not convinced either.

Fortunately, Newsnight has commissioned an artist's impression, so the effect of that picture isn't lost on the public.


Bob Piper said...

Seems like Dave's people are rattled.

Freddie said...

You lot just can't leave the class war behind you can you? You bang on about meritocracy and then revert to type whenever someone 'posh' has the temerity to try to get themselves elected. The really laughable thing is that you don't even see that that makes you hypocrites.

Brummie Tory said...

Seconded Freddie. Hypocrisy is embedded in the Socialist way of life!

Lord Saxondale said...

Pathetic. Bob Piper should be the last person to comment on this subject.

Oh how he would love to find a picture of our Dave in the Bullingdon Club's Black and White Minstrel production of Hello Dolly!

Politics of the gutter as usual.

Anonymous said...

And whilst our magnificent BBC is busy recreating an artist's impression of Dave's photo, it turns out that Tony's wanker gesture has been covered up by the Beeb for 14 years.

snowflake5 said...

freddie and Brummie Tory - this isn't about "toffs" or even about silly clothes. It's about how the Bullingdon club is about distressing poor people by smashing their property.

The class war would have died decades ago, if people like Cameron didn't continue the nasty aspects of it.

Is it too much to ask that the priviledged treat ordinary people and their property with respect? I expect Kim Yong-il takes huge pleasure in smashing other people's property just for the delight of seeing them distressed. But it's not what we expect of MP's or potential PM's here.

Lord Saxondale said...

Snowflake5, I see!

So when Birmingham's council housing fell into disrepair over the 20 years of Labour misrule, it was actually the nasty Tories that were indifferent to people's property being disrespected.

It was the toffs of the Bullingdon Club all the time and not incompetent political leadership.

Makes sense!

snowflake5 said...

Lord Saxondale

- You are deflecting the question!

Are you or are you not, against vandalism? If you don't believe yobs (either rich or poor) should vandalise property, I don't see how you can defend Bullindon.