Sunday, March 04, 2007

At the Shard End

Today wasn't the best day to be out and about campaigning on behalf of Ian Ward in Shard End. The wind was hurling the rain into the faces of the people who turned out to get the deliveries done, but we plodded on. Top marks also to the folks from UAF who were doing their job in tackling the BNP.

As always when deliveries are on the cards, I feel for the our postmen and women. So, join with me and the CWU and sign up to a petition that states

Delivering to the public is an important part of political engagement. We call for legislation to make it easier for voters to be engaged by requiring all letter boxes to be:

  • Located at a clear height
  • Easy to post through
  • Designed to allow leaflets to be posted without destroying them
  • Designed to protect people's hands when posting
  • Dog proof

In addition we call for doors to have the number clearly displayed and doorbells to be easy to find (with defunct doorbell buttons removed).


Anonymous said...

So basically you think the role of the Labour Party is to get the state to dictate to people about the height of their letterbox?

Look, I've had my knuckles cut on enough letterboxes to know why your *heart* tells you this is right, but use your *head* for a moment and wonder about what it would say about our party if we adopted this as policy!!

PoliticalHack said...

Perhaps we could seek all-party support for the proposal?

Perhaps it isn't as daft as you might think. We legislate for an awful lot of things through the Building Regs, so why not make this a condition of new-builds?

It isn't my heart telling me that it is right, more my fingers and back - particularly after coming into close contact with a small dog and a low letter box today.

Surely I'm allowed my own left-field stuff occasionally?

moseleyblogger said...

Have I got my calendar wrong? I was sure yesterday was March 4th, not April 1st.

My letter carrier cannot be bothered to put correctly addressed letters in any of the four easily accessible mailboxes at the front of this property. However, he is quite good at issuing a grunt and moving on quickly when greeted at the door.

Unlike the previous letter carrier, who had been doing the round for many years, and who generally had a cheerful greeting and a few seconds to pass before continuing on his way. A few months before he disappeared he told me that some of his colleagues were made redundant, and that he and the remaining carriers were taking on expanded routes. The new carrier is obviously up to the task of covering two or three times the distance of the man he replaced.

Any regulation of the sort suggested above would only serve as a prologue to the day people are required to collect post from designated counters, once the final letter carrier is dismissed, making the newly-regulated mailboxes obsolete.

In my heart I know this is not the fault of Royal Mail efforts to modernise, but of Tony Blair's continuation of the Thatcher project. I can expect no less.

Praguetory said...

Lol - nice to see you helping the deputy leader in a safe Labour seat? How about lending a hand to support Laura in Kings Norton or Susan in Billesley?

Freddie said...

Crikey! Are things really that bad that you're worried about Shard End?

Brummie Tory said...

That's the thing, theyare worried about Shard End!!!

The opposition party's in the ward have been working wonders, especially by good friend Paul Burke.

As to the new policy, scarp it! Leafleting would be even more boring if there was no difference between doors. The ocassional dog which comes running towards you keeps you on alert, especially for when the socialists turn up!!

Praguetory - of course they are going to go and help the deputy leader in a safe seat, its called arse licking! All the ones who want to get somewhere run along to the leaders or deputy leaders ward to show they are 'working'. Maybe PH wants promotion from his ward?

In The Firing Line said...

It is becoming more and more obvious that all is not well in Shard End.
From the frequent attacks within the press about the actions of Ian Ward and his colleague Marje Bridle to the ability of conservative campaigner Paul Burke to get things done.
It is no surprise that Ian is calling in labour activists to boost up his campaign. So when labour lose seats to whichever party, they should look to Ian for an explaination as to they're defeat.
Is this really the type of leadership the labour group require or need when Sir Albert finally steps down.

PoliticalHack said...

The opposition party in Shard End is the BNP, hence the action yesterday. The Tories don't even appear on that radar, sitting in a poor third place over a thousand votes behind Labour. I'm not sure many people in Shard End know your 'good friend.'

I think you'll find that many people were out and about in Shard End over the weekend, just as many have trod the streets of Billesley and Kings Norton - and will do so again there and in other wards. We like to help our comrades in this party!

As for me being there for my own personal advancement - anyone who knows me would know that nothing could be further from my mind.

Wilfred Bouma said...

You'd be surprised how many people know Brummie Tory's good friend. Especially those that walk up to him in the street and say "you're that bloke they won't let speak".

In fact, Ian Ward himself - via the letters pages of the local people - acknowledged the existence of this man.

Ian & Marje's "little Zimbabwe" (based on the fact that opposition to them is brutally crushed and that people are told to be happy that they are poor and downtrodden) is Birmingham's shameful example of democracy.

One day it will come to public prominence, although whether it will be Brummie Tory's friend who will do it is a different matter.

Pugin said...

Without doubt the BNP are a problem in Shard End,but a 1000 votes on an average day can be lost by the labour party (let alone on a bad day).
Politicalhack should come to a Shard End Ward Committee meeting and see what the residents are seeing for themselves. Cllr. Ward doesn't fear the BNP he lets them speak and people see them for what they are, however month after month they have watched Ian and Marje refused to allow Paul Burke the opportunity to question and debate with the labour councillors. Residents are regularly asking now "why are they fearful of this man's questions?". Could it be they have no answers.
I have attended these meetings and its not good for the local decision making process of localisation.
I would not expect Politicalhack to agree with these points, but he does himself no favours in responding in such a fashion

Anonymous said...

What planet are you on? Supporting violent left wing extremist scum the UAF? You leftie rabble will soon be history. Vote UKIP.