Sunday, March 04, 2007

Going postal (again)

FibDems picks up on an interesting ploy by the Liberal Democrats to collect postal votes Liverpool by claiming that they are the approved route:

Jane Kennedy - Labour, Liverpool Wavertree: We have discovered in Liverpool a quite deliberate attempt by a Liberal Democrat councillor, Councillor Graham Hulme, who held his ward last year by only 13 votes, to mislead postal voters into believing that their postal vote had been cancelled and that the best way to get it back was to contact him personally.

So, here's an interestingly-worded leaflet from our yellow friends in Olton from only a few weeks back, stating that postal voters must re-register using forms from the council or the Lib Dems. All above board, I don't doubt, but does it send quite the right message?


samsonofarthur said...

It seems to me that the second sentence of the ad. is electoral fraud: if there were a comma after "re-register" the "must" would apply primarily to that. Because there is not, it applies equally to the "using", apportioning exclusivity to the "Council" and "Lib Dem" forms.
Be a good chap and report this to the Returning Officer in Solihull would you?

Politaholic said...

It is plainly electoral fraud. It implies - no, sorry, it states clearly - that to re-register a form issued by the Council or by the Lib-Dems must be used. I imagine that, if challenged, the Lib-Dems would reply that the ad is merely sloppily worded. But who can doubt that this is quite deliberate? Well done for spotting it.

Anonymous said...

No difference really in Blair saying he is a labour person. same lie