Friday, March 23, 2007

Launching a sinking ship

Apparently the Minger hits town today to launch the Liberal Democrats' local election campaign. I know that you can hardly contain your excitement at that news.

According to the Birmingham Post, he's defended road pricing and said that trials have to be carried out - although he was quick to move on to more politically-fertile ground.

You will recall that I reminded you of this back in December

'Liberal Democrats believe road user pricing is essential... this issue requires robust political leadership if road user pricing is to be widely accepted in the UK. This is the challenge that the Liberal Democrats are willing to face...'

This arose because Liberal Democrat councillor Jon Hunt had submitted a petition against road pricing - one that he had started with his local colleagues. His defence on this blog was that
The thing is I'm a Liberal, not a green fascist. Your government and its agents appears to be going down the road of green stalinism...
This is the same party that acquiesced while Whitless and crew blew £350,000 on a study into the underground that came to the same conclusions as this blogger (who thought it out for free). This is the party that has been supine and silent as the Tories scrap bus lanes. Our roads continue to crumble and those promised bus marshals failed to materialise (like much of the Lib Dem 2004 Birmingham manifesto).

Look in the dictionary under the word inert and you will find a picture of the Birmingham Liberal Democrat group.


JRD168 said...

There are lots of things that irritate me about the Lib-Dem/Tory coaltion in Brum. I think the main one though is that they have so far spoiled my dream of a modern tram system for the city. Inertia or incompetence....??

The Ax said...

Yes, I am sure there are many things you don't like about the Progressive Partnership, the main one being that you are not involved in it.

Some people dreamt that we would put central heating in everyone's council house. Therein lies the difference, we make dreams come are people's worst nightmare.

Simon said...

That was an odd post indeed from Jon Hunt, given that the major party most often accused of 'green fascism' is, er, the Liberal Democrats.